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Share Ledger System

Aitken Spence Technologies Share Ledger Solution is designed for a company secretariat of any company managing its share ledger. It is designed in such a way which allows several companies simultaneously to login to one solution which makes the system adaptable for a conglomerate in different domains as well. The attributes of the solution is mentioned as follows,

  • Monthly/daily file uploading
  • Automatic & manual shareholder creation
  • Handle CDS transactions
  • Shareholder profiles maintenance
  • Manage CDS accounts & certificate details
  • Perform transfer split, withdrawal & lodge functions
  • Maintain shareholding of shareholders
share ledger system
  • AGM & proxy detail maintenance
  • Manage shareholder relationship details
  • Manage principle types & details
  • Maintain shareholder appointments
  • Maintain bank details
  • Dividend calculation
  • Reports