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Plantation Solution

PlantERM is a comprehensive and fully integrated enterprise resource management solution meant for the plantation industry. The solution was launched into the market in 2012, and is a result of extensive research & development by Sri Lankan blue-chip subsidiary Aitken Spence Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, spanning over 3 years, involving experts from the industry.

The solution helps plantation companies improve process efficiencies resulting in productivity gains.

plantation solution modules

The key features of the solution include


field → operations → factory → marketing → finance consolidation → management reporting → dashboards, with control of the activities at the plantation/factory locations


easy to use data entry screens, structured browser based user-interface, contextual help, reference manuals


ability to add new crops, make changes very quickly to configurations, on-demand reporting, and ability to integrate with other systems that are primarily legacy


use of role based access, defined and controlled workflows, encryption methodologies and four types of real-time audits, takes care of the data integrity challenges that plantation companies usually face with manual or other systems

Low cost

effective use of Open Source technologies (Java) and components (Browser, Linux OS, Postgres), across the solution and design considerations, definitely makes plantERM provide the lowest TCO in comparison.